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Education & Community Outreach


We offer education and speaking engagements for organizations who play a key role in the health and support of people with herpes and hpv. We speak at schools to educate young people about the realities of STD’s. We also work to educate healthcare practitioners about the social and emotional implications of being diagnosed with an STD.


Community Outreach

Our role is to provide pertinent information to doctors, nurses, alternative healthcare practitioners, and counselors that will allow them to best serve their patients who have these diseases.

Many healthcare practitioners focus on the physical symptoms of the disease and often forget about the social and emotional toll that an STD can have on a a patient. 

We provide handouts to clinics and doctors offices that will explain to patients the options available to them for support and counseling, as well as information about how to socialize and date with an STD. 


Helpful Information:

Giving “The Talk”


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